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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some MAD stacking Skillz...

I was driving down the road last week and came upon this. And specifically for occasions like this scene, is why I keep my camera in my purse. I counted 15 VISABLE handle bars. Who knows how many were beneath the pile. I couldn't help but wonder why?? Curiosity just got me. Here are some phrases that ran through my mind:
- Join us next week when Jon and Kate go on a family bike ride.

- Local elementary school's bike rack robbed!
- Join our team as a door to door Bike sales man.

Any other thoughts come to mind?

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Husband is a STUD

I am not sure that I have let you know before, but my husband ROCKS! This past weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary (thank you everyone who sent cards and emails...you are much better people then me and next year if you forgot or pretended to not remember that would make me feel a lot better about myself) and my husband went all out!

The adventure all started Saturday morning with his alarm going off at 6:30am. I made some comment about him needing to turn off his alarm, and rolled over to get some much desired sleep. That is when he calmly stated that I need to get up, get dressed, and pack my makeup. 'We have to leave in 45 mins for an 8am appointment.' By this time I am awake, and very much confused. After figuring out he was serious, I proceeded to get up. I was told to put on warm clothes and comfortable shoes since we were going to be outside. My initial thought was 'Are we going hunting? He knows I don't hunt early in the morning or in the cold.' Next thing I know we are in the car and heading down the free-way.

I was then told we had breakfast reservations 8....but what kind of place would we be going to in 'comfy clothes' that takes reservations?! Then we turn on 'Telephone Rd'...the road leading to the airport. Thoughts are of course racing through my head: We are not really flying out of town this morning, are we? Of course not, he told me to not bring my blow dryer. And my face wash is at home, and what about clothes? and what about our DOG!?

We park AT the Park in Ride and out of the back comes a small suit case...and JACKETS (I will admit, I was a little worried when I saw the heavy jackets seeing as I am not a fan of the cold and we had just been skiing in the COLD a week ago). Now most women would be ecstatic and thrilled that their husbands would surprise them with a trip but I have always been a little afraid of the unknown and I am a planner so living on a whim was a bit of a stretch for me.

So we ride the bus, check our bags, and go through security....I am still clueless as to where we are going. It is not until we line up at the gate to board that it is revealed to me that CHICAGO, here we come!

He had everything planned to a 'T'. A black Lincoln town car was waiting at the airport to pick us up. We checked into the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel which was in a prime location (on the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Ave). We layered up, since it was 29 degrees out and I added some long johns under my jeans that my wonderful husband had packed. He had lunch planned at 'Uno's' the famous pizzeria and then he allowed me to shop for a shirt to wear to dinner that night. Surprisingly, he actually did really well packing my clothes....the only thing he really didn't think of (which I can't blame him for) is needing a strapless bra for the sweater he brought me to wear....which really, what guy thinks of proper undergarments?

We then had a romantic walk through Millennium Park...besides it being very cold, the weather was perfect, sunny and beautiful.

Of course he had an incredibly romantic dinner planned (which again I was clueless on until we walked into the building). We ate at the top of the Hancock Tower at sunset. Obviously I thought this was all the big surprise and expected nothing more until I was informed by the waiter (poor guy kind of blew part of the surprise) that we were going to a concert! Vim then informed me that we were going to see Bon Jovi (which is why he made me wear jeans to dinner)!!!

I was so excited, I am a rocker down deep and love live music. The concert started at 7:30 so we were frantically trying to catch a cab at 7:10 to get there. Who knew that catching a cab would be so hard? I could tell that Vim was getting upset that we were going to be late. I tried to calm him down by telling him that he probably has an opening band so it will be OK if we are a little late. After I had repeated this to him several times in effort to calm his worries, he looks at me and says 'YES there is an opening band, and CHRIS DAUGHTRY is opening!!' (I love Daughtry, so this was the BIG surprise and reason for coming to Chicago) My response was 'WHAT!??!? D-AU-GH-T-RY???! ARE YOU SURE? REALLY? DAUGHTRY?....WE NEED A CAB NOW!'

Not even 2 mins after, I had hailed a cab and we were on our way to the concert. Our cab driver unfortunately was not as excited as I was about getting to the concert and slowed for every yellow light and talked non-stop about 'Texans being rich b/c of all the oil'.

We ended up getting there only a few minutes late and maybe missed part of one song. We had a great time and definitely rocked out on our anniversary.

You are awesome babe, thank you for going over and beyond on our anniversary. It was amazing making unforgettable memories with you! Happy Anniversary!

Skiing Video

Here is the promised snow skiing video of Little Man. My laptop is STILL in the shop waiting for a new wireless card. But luckily now I have a loaner laptop till it is fixed.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Never Eat Yellow Snow....

We just got back from little man's first snow skiing experience. We had a great time with 2 close friends of ours and Little Man did great.

Of all the things Little Man learned on the trip, such as putting on his boots, pizza and French fries (AKA - snow plowing and parallel skis) the one thing his is quick to inform people of is that 'You never eat yellow snow...b/c its dog PEEEE!'

I have posted some pictures of the trip in 'Our Pictures'. And as soon as I can get my laptop out of the shop, I will post a video of Little Man skiing.

(You never know how much you rely on something till it is gone, and a week and a half without the laptop has been a killer)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We don't lay eggs

Sunday on our way to church, out of the blue...

LITTLE MAN: Animals and birds lay eggs and we poop.

ME: What did you say hon?

LITTLE MAN: Birdsssss...and penguins lay eggs.... and humanssss and giraffessss...and like really tall things...poop.

ME: You are right, we don't lay eggs.