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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pouring on the guilt

It seems that ever since our little superman has turned four he is talking nonstop. Don't get me wrong, he talked a lot before his fourth birthday but recently it seems he does not quit! And not only are a plethora of words flowing from his mouth, but every comment starts with a 'Mommy?' (which of course then needs my recognition) and ends with a question.

Now I am sure that many of you have already faced this, but I am finding that the questions are not always easy questions. These questions not only need a complex answer but also need to be deciphered before getting answered!

For example, on our drive to school today: 'Mommy, you put water in that thingy, turn it and take it out, right?' What!? After much conversation, I determine that he is talking about a cement mixer...which my knowledge on cement mixing is extremely limited. I have learned three methods of dealing with the question:
(A) Claim I don't know, and tell little superman that he will have to ask Vim
(B) Give him the half truth or what I do know...'They put some rocks and water in it and mix it up then pour it out and it makes concrete when it dries'...which usually leads to another question
(C) Diversion or Try to change the subject....which hardly ever works

Well, last night after a gazillion, 'Mommy?', 'Yes, love?', 'Why is there black in the road?' -- type of questions, I was feeling a bit tired and starting to hit my 'question limit'. After about 3 more questions, he followed it with another 'Mommy?'...of course being the patient, calm mother, I answered him with a short, firm, 'WHAT, SON?' He looked at me and said affectionately, 'I love you Mommy, your the best mommy I have ever had.'

Talk about pouring on the guilt! Of course all I could do was grab him, smother him in hugs and kisses and tell him how much I love him.

These are the moments that are so rewarding as a mother. Maybe next time I will be a little more patient.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Before and After

Here are the before and after pictures we promised of our counter tops. Amazing how much of a difference it makes.....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Move In, Move Out, Move In....

Although I knew before that moving was no fun, I now really know for sure how much I despise it. Since January of 2005 I have moved 5 times. 5 times in 2.5 years. Of course never by myself---always with the help of family and friends (my poor parents have been there for each and every one-- bless their little heart). All of those who have helped, thank you very much, I would never want you to feel unappreciated. But never the less, I have packed and unpacked, packed and unpacked, packed....well you get the point.

From college apartment back to home, from home to career apartment, from career apartment back to home, and then my families home to now our Families home, The Head Home. You might say, 'Sarah, this is only 4 times and you said 5...' Well, at the time, as the fiancee and soon to be wife, we moved Vim into our current house. And I am sure that many of you can understand that although my now husband did most of the physical labor of carrying boxes and furniture, I did quite a bit of packing him and unpacking him....(Again, with the help of family too--no one is to feel unappreciated) but I feel this definitely qualifies as an 'Official Move', so for the record books - 5 MOVES!

As I sit here in my cramped office, looking at the dinning room filled with kitchen gadgets (yes, kitchen gadgets), I once again feel as if we are moving. The kitchen is empty of all of our belongings, the bathrooms are empty of our cute new soap dispensers and toiletries. Why may you ask?? B/c we are getting new counter tops put in today. And even though it is thrilling to rid our warm golden kitchen of bright blue formica, it still feels (and looks) like we are moving. And as you all know, moving is no fun...

But on a positive note, I am getting better at it and...we are getting counter tops.

(yes, I said bright blue formica -- I'll post pictures later for those who don't believe me)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Even Superman needs some R&R...

Our little Superman has somewhere in the last 2 days learned to love massages....Yes, massages. Whenever he can he asks for one in the morning and at night. We have a massage table in the house that we put up occasionally. Without even hesitating, little Superman walks in the room states, 'I think I need a little massage' and hops up on the table like a pro...I am talking on his stomach, head in the head rest, and arms hanging off. After Vim rubs his back and legs for 3-5 minutes, Vim asks him 'How you feeling bud?' he says, 'Good, but I think I need a little longer massage.' At this point it is taking all we have not to bust out in hysterics. Little Superman is gonna be some high maintenance kindergartner if some things don't change!

Starting our blogging life...

I have been inspired by all you bloggers out there to start a blog for our family, The Heads. Having a math back ground, writing really isn't my thing so this could get interesting fast (have I told you how much I love spell check?) I have loved reading up and seeing pictures from other peoples lives and hope you enjoy this one as much as I have enjoyed yours! More to come when I figure out what exactly I am doing--ha ha.