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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Got to Go HERE

Ok people--ya know it is good when you have to BLOG about it-
This seriously could be one of the best burgers I have ever had--seriously!
You have got to try it. I know it might look like a heart attack on a plate to some of you, but I am sure it is no worse then a fast food burger. It comes out piping hot, and the best thing about it is you can put sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, or whatever all on for FREE. And I haven't even started talking about the fries yet! They are made fresh there in the shop- I mean, they haul in potatoes and cut them that very day and cook them. It is the closest thing you will get to a homemade french fry...soooo good. We are going back soon---so give them a chance, check them out...you won't be disappointed.

Birthday Festivities!

I celebrated my 27th birthday last week and it was a perfect day! Vimmer's gift to me was sleeping till 8:30--very exciting! I was then greeted by my boys (my big boy Vim, and my little boy William) with a wonderful breakfast made with love-- Eggs, bacon, toast, a yogurt parfait, and coffee! Oh and little flowers decorating the tray beautifully! Then I opened all my cards that I had received from family and friends, followed by a plethora of gifts from by sweet hubby and precious little ones. William gave me some new silver heels (which are so me) and then I had some dresses and shirts my hubby picked out for me...and a new nice purse with matching wallet! EEK! My wallet has never matched my purse!!! I know, all so superficial, but still fun!

The day went by quick. I receive beautiful flowers from my dad, had lunch with my hubby and kids at Berry Hill and then the rest of the day was filled with Mommy duties. Which over the years I have come to realize that no matter what day it is, your kids are still going to poop their diapers, and make messes, and throw fits...and there will still be dentist appointments and meet the teacher nights...even if it is your birthday...But it is ok, it is part of being a Mom and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Far too soon, I will be wishing my babies were babies again...so it is definitely all worth it. But to be honest, it took me a few years to completely understand this.

So later on that night, my husband planned a nice 'adult' night out to Pappa's Brothers Steakhouse with our very close friends Matt and Jill. It was sooo good, the steak melted in my mouth. And my plate even said 'Happy Birthday'! Thank you everyone for making my day so special! (Especially you my love)

Let the Races Begin!

Vimmer recently got the CUTEST new activity walker as a gift and he loves it! Well William decided that they needed to race (already starting the brotherly competitions). And William determined he would man his old walker that he had as a baby. Ha! It was pretty funny!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun at the River

The past few weekends we have been down at our River House just enjoying the water, sun, and peacefulness (oh and the good fishing). I have actually been doing quite a bit of reading (shocking- yes I know). I read '90 Minutes in Heaven' by Don Piper (Inspiring), 'Same Kind of Different as Me' by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (LOVED it- get a box of tissue), and now I am on 'Mission of Motherhood' by Sally Clarkson (VERY good but VERY convicting)...But that is a different post.

So- A few weekends ago we had my family down to the river house for a weekend of a whole lot of nothing. We actually used the new sun deck for the first time and we played a little Rummikub...a river house favorite.

And then two weekends ago we had down our good friends the Allen and the Davis Families (minus Jared). We had had house full of little boys, and I loved it (I know William loved it too). They had a great time wearing each other out and I enjoyed catching up with the Mama's of these precious boys.

This last weekend Jordan and Jack came down to visit. We missed seeing Anne, but I had a good time hanging out with Little Jack and watching Daddy Jordan in action. My, my who would have ever thought...(jk Jordan- Your a great dad!)

And I think I could totally do twins (yeah, riiight)! My little sister came down to help out and spend time with us too-- Thanks Sam!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009