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Monday, March 21, 2011

Yee Haw!

This weekend we hit the Houston Rodeo with my parents and sister. The kids had a great time and the little boys did great for not having full naps and being up way past their bed time! And it made it even more special to have Bear, Gigi and Mammy (Sammy) there with us! William's favorite thing is the bull riding. Vimmer loved the cows. And my favorite thing was the funnel cake! No, honestly, my favorite thing was seeing my boys' faces light up and take in all the excitement around them. 

This is our attempt of a family photo! Didn't turn out very good. Ha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deer Valley Getaway

Vim and I were fortunate enough to get away for a few days and go skiing in Deer Valley Utah. A few of our friends joined us and we had such an enjoyable time. We were able to relax, recharge and rest up. We were very blessed to be able to get away on this trip and we are so grateful for our families who sacrifices time and several good nights of sleep while keeping our boys. 

The Girls - Becky, Anne, and me!

See the two dots towards the top of the mountian? That is Vim and Jordan, slowly making their way down a double black. 

Space Center Houston Date

William has been asking to go to Space Center for months! So this week during spring break, we decided to set up a date for William and I to go on and visit Space Center. It had been such a long time since I have had a whole day with just William. I really cherished the time together. William was picked to be a volunteer for a diving show that was going on outside. He got to throw 'treats' at the divers dressed in penguin costumes. Of course he loved it. I highly recommend paying the extra few dollars for the audio tour. William learned a lot and never would have stopped to read all the signs. His favorite thing was landing the shuttle on the simulator. Might have a future pilot on our hands! My favorite part was him wanting to hold my hand as we walked around and the many random hugs I got through out the day. 

Vim's Fresh Beat Band 2nd Birthday Bash!

A few weeks ago Vim turned 2! He loves the Fresh Beat Band and music, so I knew he would love to have a Fresh Beat Band music party! Of course it wouldn't be the Fresh Beats without some Groove Smoothie Punch, Hip Hop and Pop snacks, and music class! Vim's music teacher from school came and danced and sang with all the kids. Vim had a blast as did most of the guests! 

Dear Vim- 
You are 2! Seems like only yesterday you were making your scary, grand entrance into the world. You have grown into such an energetic, happy, fun, tough little boy. There are so many things I love about you. Your big teethy grin, the dimple right under your eye when you smile, the tiniest little chip in your left front tooth from one of our many tumbles. Your big wide feet, your love for dancing and music, your fearlessness, how you love your daddy. How you love to 'dip' all your foods. How you gallop and run everywhere you go. How you hug and love on your big brother. You weren't too sure about your little brother- it took you 2 days to acknowledge him, but how you want to hold him and kiss him now. I love how you love to try and pump yourself on the big boy swing. How you like to bury yourself in the pillows and say 'Nigh, Nigh'! You will just take off fearlessly down the street or go up to a person dressed in a cow suit with no problem. And how you are shy at first when meeting a new person. I love how you make 'sweet eyes' and how you point your little finger up in the air and say 'Whoop!' when you see the aTm. How you copy your big brother and get down in a 3 point stance, saying 'set hut'! Or dribble the soccer ball or try to shoot a basket. How you say 'Daddy wurk!' and how you love playing in the snow in Durango. I love so many things about you and my hearts desire is that you know how much God loves you. I pray you will fulfill the destiny God has for you little boy. That you are obedient to Him- because he has huge things planned for your life. I love you and I am so grateful God picked me to be your mommy! 
Love- Mom