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Sunday, May 1, 2011


My word of the day (or maybe I should say week) is BLESSED. Somewhere along the way the word 'blessed' has been tarnished in my mind. Maybe it was the little old ladies who would say 'Bless your heart!' But the facts are that  I am blessed. I am not lucky. Life is not left to chance. I am not just 'fortunate'. It is ALL providence and God has blessed us. He has blessed us beyond measure. A few ladies this week reminded me of this and I am truly grateful to have women such as these in my life to help spur me on and grow me in my God walk. So I am practicing using the word 'blessed' more freely and without the negative connotation. Here are some pictures of blessings in my life. 
Vim and his friend 'E' discussing their truck books. 

It is amazing how even though they are all at such different stages in life, they all love each other so much already. Pax already gets so excited when either brother comes in the room. 

Shopping carts are not just for shopping. 

Vimmer wanted to wear my sparkly headband. 

Such a happy baby. 

Our new mode of transportation.