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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Magical Velcro Shoes

A few days ago....

Me: How was school?
Little Man: Good.

Me: Did you get to play outside?
Little Man: Yup.
Me: Did you get to run a lot?
Little Man: Yup.
Me: Are you fast?
Little Man: Yeah, but I am not as fast as Abdula. Abdula has TWO velcros and I only have one velcro.

Who knew that velcro could do so much!?

I can see it coming in a few years, 'Mom, why did you put me in those shoes? I can't believe you made me wear those.' I will then remind him that HE was the one that HAD to wear velcro and how I pushed for the much more stylish laces.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dove Have Hearts Too

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to go dove hunting again. Spider man has been dying to go and although we told him that he had to be 5 before going we decided that 6 more months of his life was not going to make that much of a difference...so off we went on our first Family Dove Hunting Trip (we sound like we are from Hick Town, don't we!?-- Maybe I should finish this post using my best country slang or better yet you should read it with a country twang in your head).

So we's all loaded up in the truck, sportin our bestest camouflage gear. Drove out to this piece of property...I's only had to jump out of the truck a couple times to open a few cattle gates...but once we's gots thrus the gate with the big cow skull on it, we's were there! So for 3 hours we sat outs theres amongst some sort of beans trees wait'in for them ol' doves to just come fly'ns by. Well I gots me my very first dove ever. I ain't no pro-fes-shanal hunter or nuttin but I gots me one. Lets just say I am sure I made Daddy proud.

Well, before going we had told Spider man that he wasn't going to get to shoot a gun and he wasn't allowed to look at the birds (we didn't want to traumatize him on his first trip). Well as soon as the first bird went down, of course he was high-tailing it over there to try and see the bird. We stopped him, but he kept asking why can't I see? and kept trying to peak glances...So finally Big Daddy X tried to explain to him that there might be some blood and we don't want you to see it. At that point the wheels in is head seem to have turned and the light bulb went off. He looked at me with these big eyes, then ran over to Vim. He cupped his hand over his mouth and whispered in Vim's ear ' Vim, we can't shoot the birds, they have a heart, and they have Jesus in there heart...and we can't shoot them.' I of course could hear what was being said...I was trying my hardest to not laugh out loud. Vim did a great job of explaining that God gave us lots of birds and we are to eat the animals....and how we eat chicken...which seem to satisfy him and now he can't wait to go hunting again.

And for those of you wondering, we only got 5 dove and we ate them the next evening.

Happy Halloween from All of Us!


'Kelly Kapowski and Screech'

(from Save By the Bell for those of you who are uncultured)

And of course what is Halloween with out Britney and K-Fed.