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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas From the Heads!

My sister sent this to me and I couldn't help myself! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You Should Know!

I had heard of this story but had not spied it with my little eyes until today...I made sure to finish my lunch before watching it. What I saw was extremely disturbing, my stomach is still turning. I am posting this only because as your friend, I want you to know! (I would want to know) As a germ-a-phoebe my self, I have always been cautious in hotel rooms, not touching anything I didn't need to touch (shower walls, the floor, comforters, etc) but for some reason this didn't cross my mind.

WARNING: Will cause disgust, sickness in stomach, and anger.


Monday, December 10, 2007

He knows if you've been BAD...

Tonight I am standing at the stove, cooking dinner, nothing unusual. Little man is playing a game in the living room. Pretty soon I hear this little voice, talking just above a whisper, '...for Christmas, nothing,' I shout out, 'What, sweety? Did you say something to me?' He responds just barely loud enough for me hear, ' I'm going to get nothing for Christmas.' After drying my hands off on the kitchen towel, I slowly make my way to the living room where i receive THE news.

Little man is sitting sitting on his knees, eyes staring at the floor, and a frown as big as Texas.

Little Man : ' I am doomed'
Me: 'Did you just say you are DOOMED?'
Little Man : 'Yup'
Me: ' Why are you doomed sweety?' (of course, keeping a very serious face, knowing this is the end of the world issue for my 4yr old)
Little Man : 'I'm not going to get any presents for Christmas'
Me : 'Why not? You already have one gift under the tree.'
Little Man : 'Because I have been bad...You have been good Mommy, but I have been Bad.'
Me : 'How have you been bad?'
Little Man : 'Like when I slide on my kneeeees.'
Me: 'Well sweety, I have been bad too...we all do some bad things...but you have been trying to be good, and you haven't slid on your knees in a few weeks. Santa knows you have been working on that and I think he will still bring you some presents.'

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'Tis the Season

All I have to say is that Nerf must be doing some serious advertisement for this because my little man can pretty much recite the commercial. (and he doesn't even watch TV except for a couple hours on the weekends and usually it is commercial free TV!) So how he has memorized that he wants the 'N'Strike Long Shot Blaster with detachable scope' is beyond me...I didn't even know that 'detachable' was in his vocab.

My next question is...what 4.5 yr old needs a 3ft Nerf gun...and where is he going to be shooting it that he needs it to go 35ft!? I know where he is NOT going to be shooting...in my living room... or kitchen... or dinning room for that matter. It looks to me like even the kid in the advertisement needed help holding the gun up (notice the 'extra' hand?).

So now thanks to Nerf, I am running around desperately looking for one of these. The sad part is that I know Nerf did it on purpose, they advertise like crazy one item (even though they have tons of other items), they under produce it, then us dumb parents run around like idiots trying to find it, the price gets jacked up, and half the kids end up disappointed because they didn't get it.

So Santa, if you are reading this, I hope its not too late to put in a request, but could you please make one more of these 'Long Shot Blasters' for my Little Man and leave it under our tree on Christmas Eve...I promise to leave out extra homemade cookies...