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Friday, February 27, 2009

He is here!

Vim X Head II is here! Born Thursday, at 10:27am- 8lbs 12.5oz, 21 inches.
I am sorry it has taken us so long to update the blog and send out pictures. Things didn't go quite as planned.

We went in Thursday morning at 5:30 to be induced. We got all our paper work signed, blood taken and the IV started. Our doctor came in and broke my water around 7:10 and started the Pitosin. Although the contractions were not horrible, I decided to go head and request the epidural since the nurse said it could possibly take the anesthesiologist an hour or so to get there. But there happened to be two anesthesiologist working, and I got my epidural at 8:40. By 9:15 I was 5cm and feeling really great. I was relaxed and everything was going smoothly. Around 10:15 the nurse came in said that she had noticed a couple of small dips in the baby's heart rate and wanted to roll me over on my other side. Vim left and went to the restroom and to update the folks. Just a few minutes later the nurse came back in with another nurse and I could tell that they were a little concerned. They weren't talking to me directly and they started rolling me this way and that, poking on my belly, getting me on all fours, and putting me on oxygen. At this point I was at 7cm. Then out of the blue my doctor shows up and the nurse says 'Get Vim'. Vim comes in with big eyes, I am scared at this point, and the doctor is saying, we have to deliver him now. They rolled me out of the room, I am crying at this point and praying like crazy. Our families were all standing outside the door with big eyes, and I hear my mom saying 'It is going to be ok sweety, your going to be ok!' Vim is chasing the bed as they are running with it down the hall. They were knocking things over in the hall yelling, get out of the way. Vim jumped on the bed and kissed me, and shouted 'I love you babe!' as I was wheeled into the Operating Room. They threw the curtain up, and the doctor asked if I could feel her pinching on me. The nurse is saying, 'we have to go, we can't wait, heart rate is 50 bpm' (normally the heart rate is between 140-160 beats per minute). The scarry thing was they were going to cut whether I could feel it or not. I can't remember a time ever being so scared. I was praying, Vim was in the hall praying, our family in the hall were praying, and emergency text messages were sent out for prayers. I heard the doctor ask for the knife, and I heard her say, 'Oh, he is a big baby!' And then I heard Vim crying...what a beautiful sound to my ears! They had me pumped with a bunch of drugs, and I started shaking a bunch...I remember Vim walking around the curtain and showing me our son with tears in his eyes...Just to put it into perspective, they rolled me out of Labor and Delivery room at 10:22 and Vim was born at 10:27. We had 5 doctors in the room and 5 nurses. He was facing 'sunny side up' and the cord was rapped around his neck twice. Apparently only 5% of babies have the cord wrapped twice around.

Looking back, so many things were 'God things'. First, the fact that I didn't go into labor at home and that they ended up having to induce me. Then, our doctor just happened to call to check on me right when the heart rate was decreasing. My doctor and her partner just happened to be available along with 2 other anaesthesiologists. For as bad as the situation got, it just couldn't have gone any smoother. It is one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever had, and I just feel so incredibly blessed that God took care of all of us and we are all healthy and doing great.

Little Man has become a 'baby hog'. He wants to hold him nonstop and gets upset with others take too long holding during thier 'turn'. He has been so sweet in singing to him and talking to him. He is a big helper.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update- 38 Weeks!

I cannot believe we are at 38 weeks and still no baby! We went to the doctor today and found out that I am still a little over 3cm which is hard to believe. But she did say that the baby has moved down more and is 0 station. She said my membranes are 'bulging' (Sounds lovely, huh?) and went ahead and scrapped my membranes again to try and get my body to go into labor in the next few days. One comforting thing she told me is that most women that are in my situation tend to have their water break before they get to the hospital...yippee. She advised me to have towels handy. I can see it now 'Clean up, isle 4.' We went ahead and scheduled an induction for early next Thursday morning. So come 'Hell or high water' as my grandmother would say, we will have a baby, at the most, in 9 days. Finally! We are so excited. We will be sending out emails and text messages. And the plan is to take the laptop to the hospital so we can update our blog also. So we will let you all know whenever little Vimmer makes his appearance.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just add water...

and watch my belly grow...

Arts and Crafts

After completing the 3 canvases for Vimmer's room, I didn't want Little Man to feel left out so I thought I would do one bigger canvas for his room. This one took a little more time due to the details, but overall I am pleased with the outcome. I used a different type of letter on his, this one is flat and wooden (also 1.99 at Hobby Lobby). But instead of gluing it flat, i raised it with some little wooden squares to give it a 3 dimensional look. His room is camouflage, hence the way the canvas is painted. I cheat for some of the straight lines and use painters tape and the stars were traced and then painted. The best part is I spent less than $10 to make this!

*** For those of you wondering, yes I am STILL pregnant. 37weeks with no real update.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update- 36 weeks!

Ok, the title is deceiving because there is NO update! That is right, nothing has changed since our last visit. Believe me, I am just as disappointed. Doctor said that we may get another week out of me. I am going to laugh (as in 'Ironic laugh', not 'Silly Laugh') if we go full term!? We wanted a big healthy baby boy, and it looks like we might get one!

In other news, some dear friends of ours threw us a couples baby shower Saturday night. Thank you guys!! It was so much fun, and was so great getting to see everyone! Thank you so much everyone who made it. We even had friends from Austin and Dallas drive in which was a real treat! A few of the highlights:

We will all have baby boys only a few months apart. A November baby, a December baby, and a February baby.

Leave it to our good friends Jordan and Anne who brought the cake....Jordan picked up the cookie cake and didn't look at it (like Anne had suggested). When he got it home, it had pink on it and was not exactly what Anne had ordered...Oh well! It will help Vimmer get in touch with his sensitive side. And to top it off, Jordan got hungry before the shower and took a bite out of the cake!

The Pretty Cake

Aren't these diaper cakes great!? I have a feeling all these diapers will come in very handy! (FYI- Jill made it, isn't she talented!?)

Vim getting tools and advice on diaper changing!

Lots of fun gifts that we are sooo very grateful for!

Our baby pictures displayed...I wonder who Vimmer will look like?

And finally, pictures of the nursery! I only took a picture one one side, since the other side still needs things hung on the wall. But this is the important side, the side with the crib!

(See the small baby craddle holding books on the floor? That use to be my play baby craddle when I was a little girl. My mom and dad refinished it for us for a baby gift...oh how I love it.)

I was very pleased with how these came out. I went back and forth on what to put over the crib. Should I do a bible verse, picture, paint something on the wall, name, etc. And then last Thursday night I was searching online for Inspiration! And through one of my girlfriends blogs, I found this blog. I loved her stuff but know Vim would not see the 'investment' point in purchasing these and she has a lot of orders right now. So I thought, I might not be as good as her but maybe I should give it a shot. I knew I wasn't going to be able to paint the letters...I cannot free hand. So after wondering around Hobby Lobby for a few hours I found these letters in the Paper Mache section for $1.99 a piece. I bought some canvases and some paint and waa-la! I just stuck to the K.I.S.S. formula (keep it simple stupid) and you too can have decorative painted canvases!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day to us!

Vim and I were 'blessed' with a stomach virus yesterday. Mine started around 4am and Vim's around lunch time. It was horrible. I mean H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Fever. Chills. And all the other grotesque sickness you can imagine. I kept praying, please don't let me go into labor right now...I can't imagine being in labor and dealing with a stomach virus at the same time.

We eventually had to call for back up, Little Man was hungry and had watched Alvin and the Chipmunks twice. Fortunately we have family close and both our mom's were willing to make the drive in. My mom 'won' the lucky coin toss and headed over. When she got to the house it was dark and Little man was sitting in front of the TV...Fletcher had not been let out in several hours, blankets and cups were all around. Lets just say Vim and I were down for the count. Both in bed, next to each other...talk about romantic. We couldn't even get ourselves some Tylenol let alone feed, bath and care for Little Man. Poor guy had to feel neglected. I kept telling them to wash their hands every time I saw them...they did not want to get the 'YUCKS'. My mom Lysol-ed down the bathroom, got Little Man fed, bathed and to bed and got us some fluids and Tylenol. We are still not 100%, but at least I am sitting up today, re-cooping. Now I am just praying that Little Man and my Mom don't get it....I have been waiting all day by the phone to see if the nurses office from school calls to say she has a sick one.

On the other hand, our doctor's appt has been rescheduled to tomorrow. So I will let you know how everything goes. So much for her crystal ball, I am still pregnant : ) I will try to post pictures of the babies room too.

So did the groundhog see his shadow??