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Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy (Belated) Father's Day

I have sooo many blog postings I want to make but I am sooo behind and don't have the time right now! But I will just start with Father's Day and make posts when I can...

We didn't really do much celebrating on Father's Day this year since my Pop Pop passed away a few days before. I guess I am obsessed with shirts that make a statement because I bought the boy's shirts that expressed their affection for their dad. And a few days later once we got back home and back into our normal routine, I went ahead and had a 'Father's Day ' dinner. We made him a big banner and crown that said 'Royal King Dad'. I think he was surprised.

(they are trying to have serious faces in this picture but obviously it wasn't working)

Happy Father's Day Love! You are not only a great Father but and awesome Dad!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ways to make your Soul Smile...

Swinging like your 5yrs old and in pigtails...

'Riding' sleeping bags down the stairs like your 10 and toothless again...

And this...

Do something that makes your soul smile today.

NOTE: after posting this blog I realized my sister posted a similar blog...so for video footage and details see her post. What can I say, great minds think alike!

We will miss you Pop Pop...

Last week we suddenly had to said good-bye to our sweet Pop Pop. He truly was a man with a heart of gold. I will miss hearing his voice on the other end of the phone saying 'hey, how ya doing?' and 'Aww, me!' when he wasn't sure what else to say. I will miss him holding his hands out and saying 'Come see Pop Pop.' I will miss him at the table during family dinners. I will miss him at family functions. I will miss hearing him talk about fishing and gardening. You see, my Pop Pop was a 'hands-on' grandfather. He didn't just show up when he had to, he showed up every time he was invited. I am so grateful he was at Vimmer's baby dedication...it was the last time we saw our Pop Pop. He was there though, showing his support for our family. I can remember him twice, 'rescuing' my mom, sisters, and I after our car had died. Fixing our washer or dryer more times then I can count. You could count on him for anything. I cherish the little manger he built me for my nativity scene when I was a little girl. The times he set up the electric train for us in the garage. The tractor rides. Playing 42. His love for babies. The recliners so many of us climbed up in to share with him. The boosts he gave us when climbing trees. The fishing trips. How he faithfully loved my Mimi for 53 years. Oh how we miss you Pop Pop and can't wait to see you again. William woke up in the middle of his sleep a few nights ago and said 'Pop Pop is running around and having a good time...we just can't see him...' And I truly believe that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Schedule

Now that summer is in full swing, I am trying to get a 'schedule' going. You know, implement some learning activities, plant some biblical knowledge, and instill some work ethic. William will now be getting a small weekly allowance for making his bed, emptying the silverware, wiping down his bathroom counter, and bringing up the trash cans from the curb. I have also checked out the local library for a summer calendar so we can enrich our brains and take advantage of the FREE activities they provide. And as for the biblical planting, I purchased a chart off of the Proverbs 31 Ministries website called Mining for Gold in the Heart of your Child. It gives a over 20 different 'Golden Attitudes' to teach your kid. Along with a bible verse, and ways to show each attitude. Every couple of days, I am taking one of these attitudes and we are coloring the word, and talking about it. So for example, our first word was 'HELPFUL'. So drew and colored the word while we talked about different ways we could be helpful. We also read Phil 2:4, 'look not only to your own interest but also the interest of others'. And as an incentive to be Helpful. I spray painted some small rocks Gold and explained that every time I see him doing a 'Golden Attitude' I would give him a 'Golden Nugget'. And when he has a certain amount stored up, he will get to trade them in for rewards. What an amazing difference this has made on him. He brought his laundry basket down to the laundry room without me asking...all I said was 'I am going to start the laundry'. So today, he was helping out so I gave him a 'Golden Nugget'. When Dad got home, he exclaimed, 'I now have 2 SILVER CHICKENS!'

I about peed my pants! Gold or Silver, Nuggets or Chickens, Chickens or Nuggets...Who is counting?!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happenings around the house...

Just today little Vim figured out that he can do more than just stand in his Johnnie Jump up!
And here is William showing me how his K'nex birthday present works...
Quick update, Vimmer has had a head cold/allergies (really not sure--- just a bunch of congestion)this past week. Which means sleep has been VERY scares since the poor little guy can't breath well. Last night he only woke up 4 times, and that was a good night! I took him to the doctor in hopes she could wave her magic wand and fix him, but unfortunately I got the answer I was expecting...use a humidifier, saline drops, prop him when sleeping, steamy shower...etc etc etc...But on a good note his 'colic' episodes have seem to become less frequent (I hope I didn't just jinx myself). And when he has them, they seem to be getting shorter in length. He still freaks out in a crowd (which could just be his personality---but if you know anything about his father, you would realize how bizarre that would be), so we will see how we do at Vim's best friends wedding this weekend. My little sister has graciously volunteered to go with us to help us out, which I am eternally grateful for!! He is weighing 15lbs 1oz-- yes he is a chunk. Ok back to packing, got to get the family to Dallas!