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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Waterpark

A few weeks ago we ran across a special on Groupon.com (you got to check this website out-if you don't already), where you could buy tickets to Splashway Waterpark for just $8. We had already talked about taking a day trip to one of the water parks in the Houston area and even though we had never actually been to Splashway, we figured we would give it a try--especially for the price.
Let me tell you, it was well worth our $8/person. We had a great time! It was perfect for my boys ages. It is similar to a mini-Splashtown or Schlitterbahn. They have a short lazy river, wave pool, a couple of big (but not too big) slides. And you get to bring your own food and drinks in. And they have tons of tables, tubes and life vests (for free). They had a plethora of lifeguards on duty and they were all really nice. William hurt his toe on one of the slides and was crying on the side...it only took a few minutes before a lifeguard noticed and had ice brought to him. I was very impressed. And even more surprisingly, the food was really cheap...so cheap that I don't think I will hassle with packing a lunch for the whole family next time. We had such a good time, we ended up staying longer then planned so we got an afternoon snack of french fries and a hot dog and it was only $3!

Time to refuel!

Vimmer loved the lazy river- it was the first time I have ever seen him sit still so long. He actually ended up taking a nap on daddy for 30 minutes while they looped the river.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My morning thus far...

Could be a long day.