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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Corn Fields, Soccer Fields, and Kyle Field-- What do these have in common??

They are all part of the Head's Saturday!!
We started out our Saturday morning at 6:30 AM (yes, that is not a typo- AM) for opening day of dove season! I know, I know, I know...it breaks my rule about hunting...I said I don't go hunting if its before the sun rise, if its cold or if I have to be quiet and sit still. But I went as a mom, and not really for the thrill of the hunt (although I have to admit I was a little excited about getting to shoot MY gun again)...But as a Mom I couldn't pass up seeing Little Man's face and excitement after using his BB gun for the first time...he was so very excited...if you can't tell from the pictures.

***Pay no attention to the person in the black hoodie, I was trying to keep my hair from frizzing in the fog.

We went straight from the corn fields to the soccer fields (literally, we changed our wardrobes in the middle of the field- jeans to shin guards, boots to cleats). Little Man had his first soccer game and did great! Unfortunately, I don't have to brag too much on him since he did it enough himself! At the end of the game, when the coach was giving his talk, he said ' Everyone did great and everyone got a goal!' Little Man interrupted to let him know, that 'He actually got 4 goals'. We are working very hard on not bragging and being humble. But he just is not exactly understanding the concept. His response is, 'but all I said is I scored 4 goals, which is the truth'...yes the truth but we still don't say it. Any suggestions on how to teach a 5yr old humility??

We then went straight from the soccer field to Kyle Field. We changed once again in the parking lot (cleats to tennis shoes, jersey to maroon out shirt). We made a bee line for the A&M vs Miami Football game. Sadly, the football game was a disappointment and very hot. But we stayed till the end as good Aggies do.

Finally we made it back too our oh so sweet beds that were calling us at around 11pm...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

15 Weeks!

Ok, so if by some strange chance you are counting I am really 16 weeks this week, but I am behind in posts so I needed to go back and updated you on 15 weeks.
So I am starting to get a bump, and my pants are starting to get tight. Strangely though, I got 'morning sickness' on 3 separate days. I don't get it, the second trimester is suppose to be all roses! Oh well, at least my energy is starting to come back. Baby's heart beat is strong and the doctor estimated the baby to be 4oz. Here are baby Heads latest photo shoot.

This is the babies head and the arm at a 90 degree angle, like he/she is waving at us!

Here is the face from the front.

The baby is laying on its back with its arm and the leg up.

This is my favorite one, 5 toes!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Post Ike

So we made it through Ike and feel extremely fortunate to have such little damage and to have electricity back so very soon. The power went out a little before midnight Friday night. We didn't sleep much, mostly because the howling wind was so loud and partly because I kept listening for the sound of a 'Freight Train' since they say a tornado sounds similar. I was ready to grab Little Man and run to the closet under the stairs. Although I went through hurricane Alisha, I was a baby and don't remember it at all. And Rita didn't even hit us even though we were prepared for her. So this was our first hurricane to 'ride out'. I told Vim half way through Ike that I didn't know why anyone would try and ride out the hurricane, especially in Galveston or closer to the coast. At about 3am I had enough of the strong winds and rain and I was ready for it to be over. Then my husband let me know that the worst was still to come since the 'eye' was not past us yet. It was pitch black outside and inside. I could not see my hand in front of my face...even when I opened my eyes I could not tell they were open, it was so dark. The storm finally started calming down around 6am, but even at 9am there were some strong gusts. We emerged from our house a little after 9 expecting the worst. There were shingles all over our yard and driveway, a big branch and lots of leaves and debris around. But surprisingly nothing major. We had some roof damage, which caused a little bit of sheet rock damage in my closet....Vim temporarily fixed it with a blue tarp but we will need a new roof. We were loaned a generator by Vim's brother, which was a life savor till our electricity came back on (thanks Kirk!!). We only lost power for a day, and we were pleasantly surprised when it came back on...after surveying all the damage around the neighborhood, we really expected to be out of power for about a week. Our river house amazingly had no damage at all...I don't know how the 42 windows and roof survived but it did. Like I said, we are extremely blessed.
Unfortunately not all our loved ones were as fortunate. My parents are still without power and they are starting to loose water pressure. Finding groceries and gas is a chore and requires a lot of patients. Grocery stores are allowing 20 people in at a time, and do not have perishable items such as milk and meat and other shelf items are limited. Gas stations have extremely long lines, in some areas up to a mile long!
Vim's grandparents who I blogged about visiting just over a week ago in Galveston, are safe and staying with their son, but of course, they have not been allowed back into Galveston to survey the damage. Please continue to pray for them and all the other people who have completely lost there homes.

Our roof damage...

Little Man was a HUGE helper in the clean up process, here he is picking up the singles...

Sweeping the walk way...

Attempting to move a fallen branch...

PS. Cell phone connections have been pretty sketchy as you can probably imagine...if you have tried to reach us and we haven't answered or responded it is possible we haven't gotten the text message or voice mail.

This is why we thought we might not have power for a week...fortunatly we are not on that grid...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Update 2

This maybe my last post for a while, I am surprised we still have power, let alone Internet...the lights have dimmed a few times...Here was the beautiful mural God painted for us right in our backyard. Amongst the 45mph winds, here was the awesome sunset we saw....a picture never really does it justice.

William has been asking since 3pm when the 'electric' was going to go out. He can't wait, he has had his head lamp on just about all day! I had to explain to him that flannel pjs were going to be very hot once the 'electric' went out and that he could not sleep in them. Signing off from Sugar Land! The Heads

Ike Update

Call it being creative or call it going stir crazy...but we thought we should celebrate Ike by busting out the costume box. This is how the Heads pass time before the hurricane hits.

So far, at 7pm, we've had 42 mile per hour winds here in Sugar Land....nothing like the wind blowing through your mullet!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Ike...

Yes Mr. Ike is on its way to the Texas Gulf Coast. Seems to be headed right at Houston. We are not in a mandatory evacuation zone so we are going to 'Hunker Down' and ride out the storm. Unfortunately our peaceful river house may get hit pretty hard, but we are praying it makes it through the Storm with minimal damage...

During the prparation for Ike, I I have made some observations....I have always known that people are very interesting creatures but when you add some excitement, it is even more interesting to see how people behave. For example, why is it that when disaster is upon us we grab as many cans of beans, rice, and chili as we can? Who said we have to eat beans when a natural disaster hits? And why is it that we sit in a trance and watch the news for two days straight, listening to them repeat the same information over and over again...SO you can find us glued to the tv, eating beans, and 'hunkering down' (as they like to say). I hope that all of you who are in the Houston area are safe and sound...and we will see you after the storm.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This past weekend we had some plans canceled so we made a last minute trip to Galveston's Schlitterbahn....and we are talking last minute...I was very proud of myself, I was so spontaneous! We are talking about decided to go at around 9:00am and being in the car headed that way around 10:15am .

We ended up having a great day! We loved it and were rather impressed with the park. So it's not the biggest park we have ever been too, but it met all of our needs. Parking was FREE, tubes were FREE, you could bring in your own food and drinks, and surprisingly the food we did end up buying there was fairly reasonable.

Little man was fearless (surprise, surprise) and went on ever ride there except the tallest one (which as a mother I was secretly glad he didn't). Not only did he ride all the rides, but he never hesitated. I of course sat on the side lines and watched most of them. I rode a few mild tube rides and floated the lazy river. I didn't think I should take any chances.

The first ride the rode was the boogie board. Its the only ride I got pictures of since I was still dry.

After the long, fun day in the sun, we finished up the day with a nice dinner with Vim's grandparents. We ate at a quaint Italian place that tossed its pizza crust, and if you were young enough, and smiled just right, they would throw you some pizza dough to play with. Little Man was very disappointed when we made him leave the dough at the table. For some reason, I didn't want a pound of dough in the car for the hour, ride home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Practicar Futbol...

Little Man had his first soccer practice tonight. He has been waiting for soccer to start for over a month now, and its finally here! When he got home from school, he went straight up to his room to put his soccer stuff on...I had to explain to him that soccer practice didn't start for 3 more hours and to please take off his cleats in the house. It was like waiting for Christmas for him...every 15 mins, how much longer till practice??? He loved it and can't wait to have practice again. Don't you love the head band and wrist band accessories?? He picked those out himself!

Our Relaxing Labor Day Weekend

For the Heads, we had a very low key Labor Day weekend, at least for us it was low key... which was extremely nice and much needed. We started it off by sleeping in on Saturday morning till after 9! Then we headed to a park (or swamp turned into nature park) by our house that supposedly has alligators (sadly we didn't see any). Then we took off for College Station for the Aggies opening game. Little Man had a great time, we took him last year to a game and right after half time he lost interest. This year he made it to about the middle of the 4th quarter before getting squirmy...which I thought was pretty good. When I asked him what he thought of the game, he responded saying 'I'm pretty impressed! The Aggies made it to 14 before the other team.' Unfortunately, the rules of the game are not who can make it to 14 first and the Aggies had an extremely disappointing loss. His favorite yell is of course 'Beat the h*ll out of....' and we had to discuss that he may only say it at Aggie football games, when the Yell Leaders tell him to, and that is the only time it is acceptable!

On Sunday we left after church for the river house. Some much needed time was spent with just the 3 of us, relaxing, tracking the hurricane, and of course spending time on the water. Little Man has really taken to the wake board. He got up with out Vim having to be out in the water to help and stayed up for quite some time. His blessing and his curse is that he is over ambitious. He can not wait to start doing 'tricks' like jumping and going over the wake (hence the video). It is good because he is not scared to wipe out, but bad because we want him to perfect the basics first. Hope your Labor Day was as relaxing and enjoyable!