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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paxton's First Haircut

Being new to the area we didn't have a regular 'hair' place yet to take Pax to for his first hair cut. So I just picked this kids cuts place thinking it would be fun for all. 
Before Shot

He was so excited about the firetruck.

And then he lost interest in the firetruck after she started cutting and wanted down. 

All done!

So handsome, so grown up! 

Vimmer got to take a ride in a taxi cab and watch Curious George at the same time. 

This picture frightens me a little. William looks so grown up and almost like a teenager. My baby. Where has time gone? 

Now the funny part of the outing. It was definitely a kids dream place when it came to haircuts. I was raving to Vim durning the cuts, saying 'We are coming back here! This sure beats fighting them in a regular salon.' And then a few minutes later I here from across the room my husband speaking rather loudly 'Are you joking!? $20 for a kids haircut!? That's insane!' To which I replied to the kiddos, 'I guess we aren't coming back here!' Oh well, a first haircut splurge! 

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